Best Hot Water Heater In Hackensack NJ – Signs Your Water Heater Is Going Bad

If you’re taking your morning shower and suddenly find yourself being pelted with a stream of icy water, your hot water heater is likely having problems. It probably needs repaired or replaced. But before you go looking for that Best Hot Water Heater In Hackensack NJ, you should know the signs that your hot water heater is going bad so you’re not caught completely by surprise.

  • Check your records, or the heater itself, to see how old it is. Generally speaking, hot water heaters that are powered by gas will last about ten years. Those powered by electricity will last about fifteen years max. If your heater is approaching the ten year mark, it’s probably going to start having problems.
  • Another sign that your hot water heater may be developing problems is if you notice that the water temperature sometimes varies or you find that hot water lasts for a shorter period of time before it starts to turn to warm or even cold water. Another sign is if it is taking longer than normal for your hot water to be replenished after usage.
  • If you hear banging or popping sounds coming from the water heater, it usually means that minerals have built up inside it after years of heating and cooling. The minerals will cause corrosion of the metal in the water heater tank. It could also mean that temperature and pressure valves in the system are being shut off. Either way, it’s a problem that has to be dealt with.
  • If dirty or rusty looking water is coming out of your hot water faucets and not coming out of the cold water faucets, then your water heater almost assuredly has started to corrode inside. Rust is the ultimate killer of all hot water tanks so any sign of tank corrosion must be dealt with.
  • The surest sign of trouble is when you notice water leaking from the heater. A puddle of water around it means that corrosion has eaten through the metal tank and a serious failure is imminent. Turn off the tank immediately for safety. It will probably need replaced, but you can call a plumber to see if a fix is possible.

Armed with the signs listed above, you should be able to determine the health of your hot water heater and whether you need to start looking for a Best Hot Water Heater In Hackensack NJ. For more information visit today.

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