Best Performing SIP: the scenario in India

Systematic Investment Plans or SIP is one of the most popular types of Mutual Fund schemes in India. It is a scheme under which an individual, firm or company can invest a specified amount for a predefined period of time. The Government policies, taxation and market scenarios make long term and short term SIPs the best investment plan in India. In the current market scenario, after the implementation of new taxes like GST, the market’s best performing SIP schemes in India are as follows:

The State Bank of India Blue-chip Fund gives a return of 22.74 % in a 3 years investment scheme and a return of 18.82 % for a 5 years investment. It is currently the best scheme available in India.

Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund for 3 years provides a return of 21.23 % and the same scheme for 5 years provides a return of 17.29 %.

Franklin India Prime Plus Fund when invested for 3 years gives a return of 24.5 % and that for 5 years gives a return of 17.89 %.

The Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund provides a return of 24.37 % for a time span of 3 years while for 5 years the scheme provides a return of 18.88 %. It is a beneficial long run investment plan.

The HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund for 3 years gives a return of 33.3 % and that for 5 years gives a return of 24.%.

All the SIP schemes have a few common factors that make them the best performing SIP funds, the chief factor being the goodwill of the scheme company and the flexibility of the SIP scheme. Best performing SIPs are those which have less expenses and more tax saving opportunities.

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