Broken Pipe? Call an Emergency Plumber In Mclean for Immediate Assistance

It might be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. All of a sudden the sounds of running water echo throughout the house, and it’s apparent that a pipe has burst. Water is now flowing at an alarming rate, through the wall, ceiling, or on the floor causing a devastating amount of damage each minute it continues to run. Of course, the first plan of action is to stop the water. Every homeowner or renter should know where the main shut-off valve is to turn off the home’s water. Turning off the water will immediately minimize any additional damage done to the home and allow time for the emergency plumber in Mclean to arrive and repair the broken pipe.

There are a few reasons for a broken pipe that homeowners should be aware of and possibly prevent. The first and most common reason for a pipe to burst is caused by cold weather and freezing pipes. Unfortunately, when it turns bitterly cold, pipes that are not protected from the weather can freeze. Frozen water expands, so when the pipe freezes with water in the line, it can crack the pipe. Of course, no one can tell this has happened until the pipes thaw out and water begins to spew out of the broken one. Pipes that are not in a heated area of the home should always be weatherproofed with insulation or heat tape to prevent freezing. A pipe can also become weak and burst due to age. If this is the case, the emergency plumber in Mclean will suggest that the older pipes in the home be replaced to avoid the situation from occurring again.

If the water isn’t turned off promptly after a pipe breaks, it can dump approximately 100 gallons of water per hour into the walls, floors, or ceilings causing ruined drywall and flooring that will need to be removed and then replaced. It’s also imperative that the house is thoroughly dried, as mold will quickly grow in a damp environment, turning the water damage into another nightmare when trying to eradicate mold from the house.

In the house, any suspicion of a broken pipe can be a problem. Don’t wait until damage occurs. Call a plumber, such as one from All Plumbing, Inc., to inspect the plumbing system and repair any potential issues.

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