Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA Can Handle the Buzz

Bumble Bees are quite beautiful to look at. The sharp contrast between the black and yellow coloring makes them stand out from all other bees. Bumble bees are round and fuzzy and fly rather awkwardly. Their trademark buzzing sound always alerts people to their presence. Looks can be deceiving, however. The bumble bee is not as friendly as his appearance makes him seem. In fact, bumble bees can be quite aggressive if anyone gets too close to the nest. If a nest is discovered in an undesirable location, it’s best not to try removing it without professional assistance. Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA is dangerous and removing a nest can be difficult to do.

Hidden Nest

Bumble bees are notorious for keeping their nests well secluded. They prefer to hide them in places such as a firewood pile, an attic or a crawlspace where it’s difficult to get to them. While this may be a wonderful way to keep predators away, it makes it extremely challenging to remove a bumble bee nest without professional help. The-Beeman is a wasp, hornet and bee control specialist who understands the issues with removing unwanted bees. Since bumble bees use entryways to get to the nest that is far away from the actual nest, it takes an expert to find the exact location of the nest to remove it.

The Challenge

Locating the nest can be a challenge when following a bumble bee. These bees are smart, and they often make use of underground fissures to travel from a distance to the nest. This helps to keep the nest hidden from predators. Nests, on average, hold between 300 – 400 bees, so disturbing them could be deadly. Under normal circumstances bumble bees avoid confrontation, however when defending the nest, bumble bees can quickly turn angry.

If a bumble bee nest is found accidentally, it’s best to leave it alone and call for Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA. Trying to remove it without knowing the most efficient techniques could result in being stung multiple times. Removing a nest properly will keep the bee problem from returning. For information about bumble bees and bumble bee nest removal, please visit the-beeman.com.

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