Business Cards Remain Necessary Even in Modern Life

t’s difficult to be a small business owner. Woe to the one trying their hardest to drum up a customer base who bumps into an acquaintance on the street and finds them interested in the new company, but can only pray that their contact details are remembered after both people carry on with their days. Perhaps worse is the accountant or lawyer at a networking event who realizes that no matter how hard he is working or how charming he is being, the whole night may be for naught if he can’t find a pen and a scrap of paper upon which to scribble his email for the big shot connection he’s been schmoozing all evening. And who knows how many more panicked calls a plumber or electrician would receive if, instead of merely being listed in the phone book, a business card with their phone number was taped to more people’s refrigerators?

In any of these situations, a business card could have saved the day. These days, people assume that business cards are antiquated and unnecessary. Why pay for small slips of paper when people can Google a person or company? Those just end up in the trash anyway, right? It’s not very green. Who still uses Business cards in Queens NY?

Actually, business cards do help. A physical reminder of the name, phone number, email, and website of a company can make the difference between a customer choosing to use one store or service or choosing another at random from Yelp or the yellow pages. And, fortunately, it’s easier than one might expect to create one’s own cards! All it takes is uploading your information or a file to a site like To make this as simple as possible, many services have templates you can choose from and fill out quickly. Plus, you can make the cards match any business’s style. Rounded edges, mini cards, fold-over cards, whimsical shapes…whatever jives with the personality of a company. Of course, once somebody sets up their card online, they will want to use right away, so it’s fortunate that it is possible to find Business cards in Queens NY, with free, next-day shipping.

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