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The demand for office space in Surat is quite high at present and developers expect this to go up to intangible levels by the end of the year. This is quite natural, considering the development that Surat is currently experiencing. Surat is witnessing the building of proper roads and flyovers in addition to betterment in overall transportation and connectivity. While this is doing a world of good to the business climate in the city, other factors responsible for bringing big business into the Diamond City include better physical infrastructure and social amenities in addition to changing landscapes. Surat now has reputed educational institutions, abundant healthcare facilities and entertainment and recreational destinations. Shopping malls and complexes are coming up in Surat along with quality hotels, restaurants and entertainment zones. All these factors are steadily transforming the very look of Surat and a pro-business Government is the icing on the cake for manufacturing or trading professionals along with businessmen and companies who are migrating to the city. Migration levels have gone up with the establishment of the new Government at the centre and state and several companies and multinationals are considering this a good move keeping the future in mind.

Several leading corporate companies are now seeking office space in Surat owing to its better infrastructure in comparison to other metro cities, proximity to Mumbai and its importance as a major trade centre. Surat offers ample facilities and hassle free governmental regulations when it comes to doing business. Surat is also being preferred by several multinational companies who are setting up their offices here and this is also leading to an influx of professionals from other cities in the country and Gujarat. Several IT companies are also looking seriously at Surat with regard to setting up delivery centres and branches here. Several IT giants have already created a presence in the city.

Quality office space in Surat is not that hard to find as developers are coming up with premium offerings for companies and businessmen alike. The city is home to a thriving diamond and trading sector along with professional corporate organizations. All business demands and requirements are now catered to by developers in the form of modern complexes replete with shopping and recreational facilities along with security systems and all other modern day conveniences. This trend has caught on in Surat and should gain more traction in the years to come.

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