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It’s heartbreaking to see news coverage of wildfires, mudslides, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, and those living in affected areas face even more devastating impacts. These disasters serve as a brutal reminder of the importance of good homeowner’s insurance coverage, and while every homeowner should have it, some don’t know how their actions can affect their coverage. In this guide, readers can learn some of the perils that may void a homeowner’s policy.

Being Away For a Long Time

This is something many homeowners don’t think about. Those who go on extended vacations, as well as those who own homes in different states, should consider what may happen when they leave a home vacant. It’s important to have someone look in on the home on a regular basis, and many insurers outline what the homeowner should do if they’re going away. The length of time may vary, but most companies require policyholders to act if they’re going to be gone for more than 30 days.

Major Renovations and Home Repairs

While it’s exciting to give the home a new look, it can void a homeowner’s policy if it’s done without first informing the insurer. This is particularly important if planned renovations will increase the home’s value. Barranca Insurance Services Inc in Murrieta CA also advises clients to ensure that any contractors they hire have separate liability insurance.

Running a Business From Home

Many don’t think that a home business can affect their insurance coverage, but it can. If something happens because of business activities and the homeowner lacks the necessary coverage, their claim may be denied. If any of the below situations apply, consider buying extra coverage.

• Employees or clients come to the home

• There’s expensive equipment

• Inventory is kept in the home

Excessive Claims

For many homeowners, claims are rare. While burglaries, fires, and natural disasters happen, excessive claims are a serious red flag. Insurers reserve the right to void a policy with an excessive claims history, and homeowners should avoid making too many claims within a certain time period.

Area homeowners should avoid these common mistakes so they don’t lose their homeowner’s coverage. For additional information on protecting the property and home, Click Here or call Barranca Insurance Services Inc in Murrieta CA today.

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