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Earwigs got their exceptionally terrifying name from a long standing superstition that they crawl through people’s ear canals and lay eggs in their brains. Thankfully for everyone, this is only a myth. They are actually relatively harmless, only pinching those foolhardy enough to try to pick them up and handle them. But despite the fact that they don’t quite live up to their terrifying name, earwig infestations can still be quite a nuisance. They move very quickly, and when threatened can release a truly foul smelling rancid light brown liquid.

They use their scary looking pincers to capture prey and defend themselves from attack, preferring to feed at night and hide out during the day underneath stones, logs, or other debris. Like many other insects, they are attracted to light. This makes people’s homes and gardens uniquely appealing to earwigs and other nocturnal pests, particularly on dry hot days. And once they get indoors, they can feed on greasy food scraps and household plants.

Those who have been noticing earwigs around their property can help to provide an indoor environment that they find hostile to prevent an infestation. Reducing moisture by checking for leaky pipes, faucets, and a/c units certainly helps. And removing potential points of entrance such as cracks in window and door frames will make it harder for them to get in. Ensuring that all water draining off of the roof during a storm is routed away from the home can also help.

For those with an existing need for Earwigs Removal, the best course of action is to call in a professional pest management service. These insects can be hard to track down, since they spend much of their daylight hours in hiding. This solution has the added benefit of giving homeowners access to someone with experience who can help them prevent future earwig troubles. Many find that it can be helpful to address growing earwig populations in the yard before they are able to get inside.

Homeowners who notice these pests inside of their household should contact a professional pest service for Earwigs Removal. It’s important to find a company that knows how to safely and effectively remove these insects, as not all pest control companies do. Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC is one local company that has experience in the area. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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