Can a Dental Clinic in Bridgeport CT Place Implants?

Although the placement of dental implants has become a daily gesture very well supported by patients, some risk factors may compromise the success of dental implant treatment. These issues must imperatively be sought and evaluated before the start of treatment. Each possible Dental Clinic in Bridgeport CT that is considered must have a history of successfully placing implants.

What are the prerequisites for implanting dental implants?

To ensure optimal conditions for success, the following conditions are recommended:

• Good general health: No medical contraindications to implant placement (risk of endocarditis, organ transplantation, radiotherapy/localized chemotherapy on the jaw bone, etc.)

• A willingness of the patient to practice good oral hygiene

• A complete oral assessment with a cleaning: before considering the replacement of a tooth, it is essential to treat the person’s active oral problems (decay, periodontal disease, and so on) to avoid a possible loss of other teeth

• Stop the consumption of tobacco: Tobacco consumption in excess of 10 cigarettes per day increases risk of failure

On the other hand, there are no age-related contraindications. Dental implants can significantly improve the quality of life of patients and can be performed at any age.

What is the life of dental implants?

Dental implants hardly wear out and their life does not depend on their strength. Inserted into the maxillary bone, they behave like a natural tooth root and can be infected (peri-implantitis). The absence of infection is the most important criterion for long-term success.

Good oral hygiene and long-term follow-up by a Dental Clinic in Bridgeport CT is, therefore, essential.

The experience of a dentist is important

Recognized expertise in dental implant placement is a must. The dentist chosen must have more than 200 interventions per year. They should also offer their patients the assurance of quality dental medicine.

Preventive care is also crucial to the success of dental implant placement. For each case, the dental clinic must offer a pre-intervention consultation to establish a preliminary clinical examination and develop the best treatment plan for the patient.

A doctrine based on the patient’s interest

A dental implant is a surgical act; therefore, experts recommend this type of procedure only when the conditions for success are met and the benefit outweighs the risks. In this context, the clinic should guarantee the merits of their treatments. Browse our website for more details.

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