Carpentry Fairfield County CT 101: Understanding Dry Rot and How to Get Rid of it

Brown rot, or dry rot, is capable of ruining any carpentry Fairfield County CT furniture in and outside your home. The decay of wooden structures caused by fungi is called dry rot. This fungus attacks wood exposed to excessive amounts of moisture, and it is controllable. You need to go Prism House Painting LLC Fairfield County CT.

Dry rot causes wood parts that offer stiffness and strength to break down. The weakened wood is usually dry, which is why the problem is called dry rot. The weakened portions of the wood appear blocky and brittle. Dry rot typically attacks wood that is exposed to moisture content of 20% and more.

How Dry Rot Spreads

The disease-causing fungus is mostly transported via water to dry areas from wet areas. The fungus then grows and infects the dry wood. If dry rot is not stopped in time, the fungus will weaken the wood to disintegration.

Identification of Dry Rot

In order to help you locate dry rot, be on the lookout for:

* Cotton wool like substances and water droplet looking substances on wooden surfaces

* Shrunken or sunken wood

* Cracks and darkening of wood structure

* Infected wood with a skin-like growth

Dry Rot Treatment

Several epoxy treatments are available that will help kill the rot through filling the channels of the damaged timber, killing rot and eventually restoring the structural integrity. Some commercial anti-freeze products are also highly effective in the prevention of dry rot formation and killing of the fungus. Consider using some copper compounds like copper naphthenate, which is available in a brushable solution and frequently used for dry-rot damage repair.

Preventing Dry Rot

Averting dry rot is simple. The first step requires limiting the exposure of your wooden pieces to moisture. Some of the most common applications of wood that are exposed to moisture include:

* Wood siding, which should be sealed properly after installation by a professional installer

* Wood roofing should be checked at least once a year for signs of water damage

* Ensure that your plumbing does not leak into your wooden cabinets and vanities

* Your kitchen, attic and bathrooms should be properly aerated to avoid moisture buildup

* Have decks in your home sealed by professionals

In order to avoid and repair any damage done to carpentry Fairfield County CT products by wood rot, get in touch with the professionals.

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