CCTV in NYC Prevents Theft and Increases Worker Safety

Retail businesses walk tightrope when it comes to providing a great customer experience and preventing theft. Both employees and customers might steal things. It gets even more complicated because they have to provide multiple exits and they must be accessible by disabled persons. Shoplifters use these safety exits to disappear after they’ve grabbed some merchandise. Frustrated merchants should partner with a security company to install CCTV in NYC.

A Close Circuit Television System allows the owner and employees to discreetly watch the shop floor. A single employee in a back room can constantly look for people who are acting suspiciously. The owner can then go over and ask if they need help. If it’s too late and there’s something in the person’s tote bag, they can ask nicely if the person needs help ringing up their sale. If they deny they have an item, the owner can always offer to show them the video.

Shop owners may also want to install a CCTV in NYC system over the cash registers. When they are in their office doing paper work, they can keep an eye on the employees. They can even have the feed directed to their smart phone or tablet. When they are out of the store, they can still see what is going on there. Just knowing that the boss might be looking is often enough to stop employees from stealing.

Even offices that don’t cater to the public need to be aware of the people who are entering and leaving the building. Workplace violence is a growing problem. In addition to disgruntled former employees, domestic disputes often spill over into the workplace. Many offices now keep their front door locked. Employees have swipe cards to let them in. Everyone else has to press a buzzer. A security guard safely behind glass can see who is at the door. There’s also an intercom that will let them question the person. If they see a weapon or are threatened, they can safely call the police.

Business owners can visit to see what other security systems they offer. They can call and make an appointment to have a security professional visit their business.



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