Certain Medical Conditions Lead to a Greater Need for Teeth Care in Trumbull, CT

Your teeth are far more than pearly white displays of your inner emotions. They help fill out facial features, creating the characteristics you see in the mirror. More importantly, they’re vital tools in the digestive process. Teeth break down food into smaller pieces, so those foods are more easily digested and absorbed by your body. Because of this, they’re partially responsible for your overall health. That being said, certain medical conditions are known to negatively affect your oral health, so they make proper teeth care in Trumbull CT particularly important.

Research shows diabetes can cause dry mouth, which accelerates tooth decay. At the same time, the condition is known to increase the risk of developing oral lesions and infections. Because diabetes hampers the healing process, those issues are bound to linger longer than normal and can lead to more serious infections. If you’ve ever had any type of sore in your mouth or on your gums, you’re already aware of how they affect your will to take in proper nutrition.

Thyroid conditions may have similar effects. Like diabetes, an improperly functioning thyroid has been found to cause inadequate saliva production. In addition to cavities, patients suffering from thyroid conditions are likely to have above-average bacterial growth, which raises their chances of developing gum disease. Because an over or under-active thyroid may cause swelling of the tongue and loss of taste, it could also lead to malnutrition.

Eating disorders are also well-known factors in declining oral health. Anorexia and bulimia are both associated with inadequate nutrition, so they contribute to gum disease as well as tooth decay. This also weakens the immune system. Those with either of these conditions are more prone to developing infections and more vulnerable to their effects. Bulimia consists of binge eating followed by regurgitation, which exposes the teeth to greater amounts of stomach acid. This weakens tooth enamel and leaves teeth susceptible to an array of problems.

For anyone with these conditions, as well as a number of others, increased attention to Teeth Care in Trumbull CT is crucial. Though brushing and flossing often at home can help decrease the risk of oral complications, a dentist should also be involved. Through regular exams, he or she can catch potential problems and begin treatment before they have a chance to negatively impact overall health. Schedule a consultation with Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry LLC to learn more.

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