Choosing a Remodeling Contractor

Choosing a contractor for your kitchen remodel may feel overwhelming. Trusting someone you’ve never met to come into your home and essentially tear a room apart before rebuilding it can be nerve wracking. If you’re looking for kitchen contractors in San Antonio, it is important to do your research.


When it comes to remodeling qualifications, each state and local municipal have their own requirements. Familiarize yourself with the required licenses and training required in your area before searching for a contractor, then check on the remodeler’s website for their qualifications.

While contractors should undergo formal training, and testing to gain their certifications, not all certifications require the same amount of education. Knowing which certifications require the most rigorous training is integral to making the best choice.


In today’s digital age, reviews and recommendations are only a click away. Do a search for the contractors on your shortlist and see what past clients have to say. Was the work done in a timely manner? Did they leave the work area clean when all was said and done? If there was an issue, how did they resolve it?


Once you have narrowed down your list of contractors you can schedule interviews. You should have a list of questions related to your project handy. In an ideal world, everything you desire would be easily accomplished, but beware of “yes men” in contracting. Unless you have extensive design experience, some of your plans may not be attainable in your space. A good contractor isn’t afraid to let you know when part of your project is unrealistic, rather than undertaking a design that will ultimately cause the homeowner grief later down the line. This is also a good time to get estimates from each contracting candidate

As with any business deal, you will want to get everything you and your chosen contractor agree to in writing. Having a physical contract protects you both, and a good contractor shouldn’t balk at having evidence of your agreement.

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