Choosing Forklift Tires in Wichita KS

A forklift, or lift truck, is a vehicle designed to lift and move objects from one place to another. They are used in most factories and warehouses, and they play a crucial role in the manufacturing industry. There are many different types of forklifts because forklift design is determined by the work the truck needs to do. For example, some trucks are made to be easily maneuvered in narrow aisles, and some are designed to reach very high places. Usually, the design of the truck determines the type of tires a forklift uses, but some forklifts can use more than one type. The three main types of Forklift Tires in Wichita KS are pneumatic tires, cushion tires, and polyurethane tires.

A pneumatic tire is filled with pressurized air, like a regular car or truck tire. These tires are sturdy and reliable for outdoor use because they are able to grip rough or uneven surfaces. Construction forklifts are likely to use this kind of tire. The disadvantage of a pneumatic tire is that it is vulnerable to puncture. However, there are two types of pneumatic tires, air (air-filled) and solid. Solid pneumatic tires are made of a more heavy duty rubber and are more resistant to puncture. Pneumatic tires are the most expensive tire, but they are also beneficial in that they offer a comfortable ride and can help to extend the life of the truck.

A cushion tire is not filled with air. It is made of solid rubber wrapped around a metal band. It is also known as a solid rubber tire and a puncture proof tire. These tires are good for vehicles that work on smooth surfaces, such as inside warehouses. They are also best for small or narrow spaces because they can afford a much smaller turning radius than the larger pneumatic tires.

A polyurethane tire is a lightweight option that is best for working indoors on smooth surfaces. It has a lower rolling resistance than the other two types of tires and can bear a heavy load. Although rubber tires are softer and have better traction, polyurethane tires can have tread etched onto their surface, improving their traction. Click Here to learn more about Forklift Tires in Wichita KS from Shamrock Tire & Auto Service.

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