Choosing Suitable Flooring Material for Bathroom Designs in Oceanside CA

When homeowners plan to have a bathroom completely renovated, they’ll be looking at every single feature and thinking about how best to replace it. Flooring is obviously a fundamental aspect that can make a significant impression on the aesthetics of this room. Most people shy away from wood floors in bathrooms because of moisture issues and the probability of water spilling or being tracked there. Laminate flooring with the look of wood may be the answer. Looking at photo galleries of Bathroom Designs in Oceanside CA may help someone decide whether they like the illusion of wood for the floor or if they want to go with a different material.

Ceramic tile is another popular choice; in fact, it’s the flooring option that a large majority of homeowners choose for bathroom remodeling and for brand new bathroom construction. This tile is available in numerous sizes, colors and patterns. Homeowners can have virtually any effect they want to with this material. Tile also can be used for the walls, countertops and shower interior if desired. It can provide a complementary or contrasting look, following a matching color scheme or make a bold change between the different surfaces. When looking at ceramic tile options for Bathroom Designs in Oceanside CA, many people are surprised to see the small 1-inch tiles used for countertops, thinking of those tiles only for flooring. They create a lovely and unusual effect in surfaces off the floor.

There are several other options that are suitable for bathrooms as well. For homeowners on a budget, linoleum sheets and vinyl may provide the answer to a new bathroom floor. For upscale choices, some stone options include marble and slate. It’s important to get textured versions of these stone materials to avoid slippery floors. Working with a contractor such as Guedes Construction Inc. can help homeowners make a decision if they’re having trouble deciding among two or three options. They can consider all the pros and cons of each material and view an array of photos showing how the flooring looks in bathrooms. They’ll learn the price differences and decide whether spending a bit more is worth it when they really like a particular option.


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