Choosing the Perfect Doggy Day Care

Many people who work full-time find that they spend more time than they would like away from their loyal dogs. Having a dog walker stop by a couple of times a day is helpful, but it doesn’t give such a social animal the outlet that it needs. This is especially true with younger dogs, who can become lonely and bored which leads to a whole lot of trouble. If your dog does well with other dogs, a doggy daycare in Pennsylvania might be just the trick to keeping them happy and assuaging your guilt about not being home enough.

Visit the Day Care Facility

You should always do a thorough examination of the facility you choose to send your dogs. You want it to be clean and well-ventilated. You might catch a whiff of doggy smell on occasion, especially on wet days, but the scent of feces or urine is a bad sign. Smelling copious amounts of bleach is just as bad since your dog will be breathing in those fumes every day.

Rest & Play Areas

The doggy daycare in Pennsylvania that you choose should have separate areas for play and rest, which dogs are rotated into and out of on a regular basis. It ensures your dog gets social time, exercise, and activity but isn’t stressed out or overtired from too much of it. You want to see fresh water in the kennels, as well as play areas. You should also ensure that the dogs get walks outside to do their business.

Dog Screening

Nobody wants to fill out forms or applications, but it’s something that is important in a case like this. Even if the application seems overly detailed, do your best to fill it out fully. The more that the staff is aware of regarding your dog, the better they will do to pick up cues that they are unhappy or having a great time. It also bodes well for knowing that other dogs are screened and cared for just as well as your dog is.

Any excellent daycare for dogs is going to be capable of medicating your pup, providing extra walks, or feeding a special diet. Look for other things that might be useful for you. Perhaps they have grooming services or even massage. Knowing that your dog is in good hands is an amazing feeling to have.

If you need a luxury daycare for your best pal, K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel can provide the best possible. We offer award-winning facilities that we are proud of.

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    Author: Greene Connor

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