Choosing the Right Corn Feeder

Automatic corn feeders have a wide range of uses. These can be used to help manage feeding animals on your farm, decreasing your daily chores. Corn feeders can also be used to attract animals, like deer, to your hunting ground or to allow you to watch animals on your property or support them during winter.

There is a wide range of corn feeders available, depending upon your capacity needs and the style of feeder you desire.

Automatic feeders stay closed but spread the corn either when directed, or on an automatic, pre-set schedule. You can deliver food to your animals twice daily, without any human intervention, if you choose a spreading feeder on a timer. You’ll only need to return to the feeder to refill it before it goes empty. Spreading feeders like these use an air propelled system to broadcast corn out away from the feeder. This feature makes this the perfect type of feeder for attracting wild animals.

Trough style feeders are designed for the animal to come directly to the feeder to eat. These are available on a timer, as well. The timer opens the trough door to allow the animals to feed at specified times.

All corn feeders are made from aluminum to prevent rust. These feeders are durable and designed to last for years. Corn feeders are available in several sizes, as well, with the largest feeders holding as much as 1000 pounds of corn.

Talk with your dealer about the right corn feeder for your particular application. With so many sizes and designs available, you’re certain to have no trouble finding the perfect feeder for your needs. This is a great tool that can save you time and money when it comes to feeding livestock, supporting wildlife during winter or attracting wildlife to your hunting grounds.

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