Choosing the Right LED Light Fixtures and Bulbs for Your Customers

If your business includes lighting installations, your customers look to you for professional service and advice on choosing the best lighting for their homes or businesses. LED is getting popular because of its efficiency, and it’s important to know all about the technology. Here are some things to remember, concerning LED light fixtures and bulbs.

Watts Do Not Equal Brightness

The average person is used to standard incandescent light bulbs. With most standard bulbs, higher wattage puts out more light. However, this is not always the case with LED. In fact, lumens are the most important feature for determining brightness, and it’s something customers need to know.

Color Temperature and the Kelvin Scale

Kelvin is a temperature scale for LED bulbs. Lower numbers indicate a warmer, yellow light. This is usually in the 2700 to 2900 K range. If your customer wants pure white light, bulbs from 3000 to 4100 K are best. Higher ratings (4200 all the way to 6500 K) offer cool white light. This produces lighting similar to daylight.

The Importance of Using the Right LED Light Fixtures and Drivers

LED is well-known for long-life and some bulbs may last 50,000 hours or more. However, unless LED lighting is properly installed, bulbs may burn out much faster than normal. This is an important consideration for custom lighting installations.

Kitchen Light

Installing LED light fixtures in kitchens is a good way to cut energy costs. However, most people spend mornings in the kitchen, getting ready for work or school. Blue white light is best kitchens, as it helps you to wake up. To balance out bright light, consider dimmable overhead lighting.

Continue Your Education

Since LED lighting is relatively new and the technology is advancing, make sure to keep up with all the changes. This helps you offer better services and products to your customers.

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