Choosing the Right Managed Networks Provider for Your Business

At some point in the growth of a business, the question comes up of whether managing your network should be done in-house or outsourced to a company that specializes in managed enterprise networks. There are many things that might mean this is a good option. If you’ve already made that decision, the next dilemma is finding the right partner for your company. We’ll look at some of the things to consider while you choose someone that works for your needs.

Offered Services

Many providers are going to have a list of solutions that are optimized for the average customer. A network provider who goes above and beyond, such as IT Partners+, will also offer you customization options to make the service your own. That means having a range of connection speeds for you to choose from. It also means offering service that is available 24/7 in a form that is simple to manage and get support for.

Voice, Network, and Security Options

Another important aspect that managed IT service providers are responsible for is monitoring security, data, and voice services. The best company is going to give you complete information on these things, perhaps via a customer portal. You should also expect that the infrastructure provided performs to the degree that works for you and that you can contact support at any time you need them.

Professional Partnerships

When deciding between two or more managed IT services, consider whether the company has any professional partnerships that fit your own needs. For instance, a certification as being qualified to repair Apple devices may come in handy if your workplace uses Macs exclusively. You will also want to determine any vendor partnerships available that could be helpful for your own company.

Service Level Agreements

The final thing to look at before signing with a managed services provider is the service level agreement (SLA). You want to see what promise are made in terms of network uptime and resolution time related to network issues. If you want to be completely covered, ask about credits if service is down more than it was expected to be.

IT Partners+ offers full-service assistance to companies who need to outsource some of their technology services. We were the 2017 Datto Networking Partner of the Year and the largest seller of their products.

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