Cleaning Aluminum Gutter Sections And Performing A Basic Gutter Repair In Olympia WA

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Gutters

Leaves, twigs and dirt can weigh down aluminum gutter sections and cause them to break. Cleaning a gutter system and repairing cracks in one will ensure that rainwater is deposited away from a business or home. The following steps describe how to clean and complete a Gutter Repair in Olympia Wa with some basic materials.


* ladder
* harness
* small shovel
* bucket
* garden sprayer
* oxygenated bleach
* detergent
* water hose
* long-handled scrub brush
* tube brush
* tube of clear epoxy sealant
* sponge

Cleaning Aluminum Gutter Sections

After putting on a harness and securing it to a sturdy object, a ladder should be placed next to one end of a gutter system. A small shovel can be used to scoop up leaves, twigs and dirt that are inside of gutter pieces before adding the debris to a bucket. If gutter pieces have hardened residue on them, a cleaning solution can be prepared by adding equal amounts of oxygenated bleach, detergent and water to a garden sprayer’s reservoir.

Cleaning components should be agitated for a minute or two to blend them. A cleaning solution needs to be sprayed evenly across aluminum surfaces. A long-handled scrub brush or a tube brush can used to loosen residue from gutter sections.

Applying Epoxy Sealant To Cracks

Gutter pieces need to be rinsed with water. Water should also be sprayed through the top of a downspout’s opening. During this step, the exterior of each gutter piece should be inspected for cracks. If gutter sections are damaged, they will need to dry before completing a Gutter Repair in Olympia Wa. A thin line of clear epoxy sealant should be applied over cracks. If too much sealant is added to any sections, it can be removed with a soft, damp sponge. After epoxy sealant dries, it won’t shrink or disintegrate. Sealant will provide aluminum pieces with a protective barrier.

A gutter system needs to be inspected and cleaned a couple times each year to prevent damage to aluminum pieces. After severe weather, a gutter system should be assessed and tree branches and loose debris should be removed from roofing materials and the inside of a gutter system.

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