Clogged Drain? Hire the Wheaton, IL Best Sewer Services Company

As soon as a drain starts running slowly, most homeowners just pick up a chemical drain cleaner at the supermarket. Usually, this works. However, a homeowner can get very frustrated if they try this two or three times and the drain doesn’t run any faster. They then have to call in a company known for providing Wheaton IL Best Sewer Services. Their plumbers use sophisticated camera equipment that will let them see the entire length of the home sewer system.

Once he locates the clog he can determine how best to deal with it. Today’s large homes have long sewer drains. The location of the clog often determines the method used to clear it. If a clog is within 75 feet of the plumber then he can use a mechanical claw at the end of a long steel cable. The cable is very flexible and can maneuver through the sewer pipes. When it reaches the clog, the plumber turns on the power and the mechanical claw chews right through the clog.

If the clog is further than 75 feet away, the plumber can use powerful hydro-jet hoses to clear the clog. The hose has a powerful nozzle that can force water out at 5,000 psi. That is enough power to clear away the largest and most stubborn clog. The plumber can then use the camera again to ensure that the clog is completely cleared.

Tree roots are one of the most common causes for clogged drains. If the tree hasn’t collapsed the pipe, a plumber from the Wheaton IL Best Sewer Services might be able to clear the root. If the pipe has been compromised, then the plumber will have to replace it. The only way is to dig up the ground over the pipe. Plumbers now use trench less excavators to minimize any damage to the lawn and landscaping. It’s a good landscaping strategy to keep all trees far away from a septic system. During a drought they will travel quite a distance for the moist soil of the septic system.

Some homeowners want to ensure that they won’t have any surprise clogs. Therefore, they have a plumber inspect their sewer drains once a year.

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