Clogged Toilet in Olivebranch MS – Now What To Do?

Homeowners rarely ever give more than a fleeting thought to the network of pipes and sewer lines under the floors and behind the walls of their homes. Until one morning, they are standing in soapy water up to their ankles while in the shower. Or worse, dealing with raw sewage bubbling up from their Clogged Toilet Olivebranch MS. Luckily, for the unfortunate homeowner in need there is help available from Drain Go Plumbing.

Drain issues, whether presented as slow running drains, backed-up toilets or drains emitting foul odors, are all symptoms of a specific problem. Classic signs of drain problems include multiple sinks or bath tubs that drain slowly, or the toilet starts to perk like a percolating coffee pot (for those that know what that is), while the washing machine is running. Toilets have the largest drain line of any fixture in the home and also the most direct path to the sewer. The most common reasons for Clogged Toilet Olivebranch MS include:

 * Toilet Paper -: Too much Charmin flushed at once is the number one reason for toilet clogs. Plumbers recommend folding the toilet paper instead of wadding it into a ball. Large balls of toilet paper are often too big to move through the narrow trap. Usually, a plunger will work, but stubborn clogs require the help of a plumber.

 * Flushing Non-Flushable Items -: Large clumps of pet hair or human hair can clog a toilet. Other common offenders are feminine hygiene products such as sanitary napkins and tampons. Due to their absorbent properties these materials can double in size, effectively clogging a toilet.

 * Grease -: The grease poured down the kitchen sink can eventually affect the function of a toilet. The grease hardens in the pipes, which can prevent water from filling the toilet tank completely, resulting in a weak flush.

These are a few brief examples of why calling a qualified professional for your Clogged Toilet Olivebranch MS is your best bet. Professional plumbers provide emergency services 24/7, and many will offer free service calls for first-time customers. They have the equipment to effectively deal with the serious blockages, especially those caused by tree roots invading the main drain line. Click here to know more.

Having the power of a professional auger that extends for dozens of feet is a major advantage over what the average homeowner has -; if he even owns one. For more information contact Drain Go Plumbing in Olivebranch.

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