Comfort Solutions Now Available at a Local Dental Clinic in St Peter, MN

Numerous individuals avoid visiting a Dental Clinic in St Peter MN as they hate needles. They know they need to go in for scaling to treat their periodontal disease but put the visit off until they are in pain. This doesn’t have to be the case any longer, as dentists understand people wish to be comfortable when in the dental chair. Some practices now make use of Oraqix to help patients who fall into this category. This non-injectable anesthetic is perfect for patients who are in need of scaling and/or root planing but don’t like needles.

Oraqix is applied to the treatment site and anesthetizes the area within 30 seconds. No needle is used as the oil is used directly on the periodontal pockets that need attention. Within 30 seconds of the oil being applied, work can begin, and the anesthetic continues to work for a period of up to 20 minutes. In the event, the anesthesia begins to wear off and the work has not been completed, it may be reapplied.

Patients may experience side effects when Oraqix is used for this purpose. Most side effects are very mild and tend to go away as the body adjusts to the medication. The skin may turn white or red where the anesthetic is used. In addition, patients may notice they develop at rash at the application site, they experience some burning or itching or the treatment site may swell. Patients need to alert the dentist in the event they notice any of these signs. More severe side effects, such as stuffy nose or shortness of breath, need immediate medical attention but they are very rare.

Speak to a dental clinic in St Peter MN about Oraqix and whether it is right for your needs. Visit our website to learn more about this option and the many other comfort measures available to patients today. Oral care is of great importance, and individuals should not delay a visit due to fear. From Oraqix and Compudent to sedation dentistry and hydrobrasion, there is a solution for anyone who needs dental work but fears their time in the chair. Make an appointment today to learn more about advances in the field of dentistry and the benefits to patients.

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