Common problems with vehicle transmissions

One of the most important components in a vehicle is the transmission and problems with it can quickly lead to the vehicle being unusable. The transmission is that necessary link between the power from the engine to the driveshaft which in turn keeps the wheels turning. Like most things good preventive maintenance goes a long way to reduce problems which eventually lead to transmission repair in Fort Wayne IN. Even with excellent maintenance any mechanical device can fail, should the transmission in your care start giving problems knowing a little about the causes can help with the diagnosis and repair. Although there are numerous possible transmission problems, the four that follow are most common.

Low transmission fluid level or leaks: Low levels of fluid or leaks are the most common source of transmission problems. In most cases lower fluid levels are the result of leaks in the transmission system. There are a number of rotating shafts and gears in a typical transmission, all of which are sealed, in many cases the seal can fail resulting in a leak. In some cases the fluid can come into contact with the transmission coolant and become contaminated. When you sense that the car is slow in shifting or the gears tend to slip or the fluid is contaminated then the fluid must be drained and the transmission flushed prior to refilling it.

Trouble with the torque converter: Problems with the transmission or the torque converter can quickly lead to serious damage which will result in the need for transmission repair in Fort Wayne IN. Perhaps the most common problem with the torque converter are worn bearings, if the needle bearing overheat due to wear the result is a strange noise while the transmission is in gear, if the transmission is not engaged chances are there will not be any irregular noises.

Problems with the solenoid: The solenoid is responsible for controlling the fluid flow through the transmission, it may become damaged if the fluid levels are low or the solenoid develops and electrical problem. If you notice the transmission is slipping but there is no evidence of fluid leakage then it is a good idea to have the solenoid checked.

The clutch: The clutch is part of the torque converter, it can occasionally jam. Transmission repair in Fort Wayne IN will be needed to eliminate the shaking under the vehicle and the reduction in power output of the engine.

There are a number of reasons why a vehicle will have to undergo transmission repair in Fort Wayne IN. If you are having transmission problems you are invited to take your car to Kruse Automotive Service. Click here to know more.

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