Common Signs You Need Chimney Repair Hagerstown MD

Simply looking at your chimney will not necessarily alert you to issues or problems that are present. However, there are a number of visible signs that you need Chimney Repair in Hagerstown MD. Since having a properly repaired chimney is important to keep you safe from potential fire hazards, each homeowner that has a chimney needs to become familiar with the most common signs that damage is present.

Mortar Joints that are Damaged

This may require you to get on the roof to identify; however, any damaged mortar joints between the chimney masonry can be a serious issue that needs to be repaired right away. A failing mortar joint may accelerate additional damage to your chimney, since the condition will expose the bricks to a larger amount of moisture. When any amount of water enters into the small cracks that are present in the masonry, they will quickly turn into larger cracks, especially due to the freeze and thaw process. If the problem is not addressed, it could result in your chimney collapsing.

Rusted Firebox or Damper

Any signs of moisture in your chimney or your fireplace are clear red flags that it is not operating properly. Rust is a clear indication that there is far too much moisture present and will usually appear in the damper or firebox. In these instances you should call for Chimney Repair Hagerstown MD right away since this can create a number of issues including house fires if the issue is not treated.

Spalling Bricks

This occurs when the brick enters into the natural stone or the concrete and then forces the surface layer of the masonry to peel off, pop out or even flake off. In some cases, salt will also push outward which can create the spalling effect. If not treated, this can result in the chimney crumbling down.

If you want to ensure your chimney is operating properly, call on a professional chimney repair service.  This will help give you even more signs that your chimney may be in need of additional repairs or service.

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