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Purchasing an air conditioning system for a commercial application requires a determination of how many (British Thermal Units) BTUs are going to be needed. The BTUs determine the unit size or translates it into tons required. The size of the unit makes a significant difference in the cooling output.

Many calculations go into figuring out how many BTUs it would take to cool a building. There are many factors to take into account when calculating BTUs such as the height of the ceiling and the number of doors and windows. An important consideration is the number of people who will be working in the area and the type of equipment they will use. An engineer experienced in commercial air conditioning in Glenview should do the sizing for the air conditioning unit since he will know every factor that should be considered. If the unit is too large it will not cool properly. Humidity levels are also a concern for workers and equipment, and this is a factor in selecting new units.

Among the considerations to take into account is the location of the new unit. If an existing unit is located on the roof, then this might be the place to install the new unit. However, the weight of the new unit must be compared to the old unit. The roof must have the structural integrity to support the new unit. If a split system is installed, then the roof must be analyzed for the ability to support two units. If the roof is not the place for the new unit or units, then install the units on a concrete pad outside of the building.

Zone cooling can be achieved by installing several smaller units which will allow different cooling levels in several areas. A room dedicated to computers should be maintained at a cooler temperature. Shop areas may require a higher level of cooling. Providing air conditioning for commercial applications requires a thorough analysis of the cooling needs and whether one unit or multiple units are required.

The engineer from a commercial air conditioning in Glenview contractor is the most qualified person to advise a commercial activity on the cooling needs and the brand of the air conditioner best suited to satisfy these needs. To learn more about how to find the right air conditioning contractor, visit

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