Consider Your Options for a Water Heater Installation in Old Bridge, NJ

Since every water heater has a finite lifespan, it’s likely homeowners will eventually be faced with replacing one. However, it’s not always easy to determine which type of water heater should be selected when that time comes. Before simply deciding to replace a water heater with the same type and size unit, look at all the options available. That’s where discussing the issue with an Old Bridge area plumber can be important.

Things Change

Over time, the needs of a home or family may change. For example, a new family member may have entered the picture, significantly altering the demand for hot water. While adding a new baby may not lead to a huge increase in the demand for hot water today, that baby won’t stay small for long. Since water heaters typically last for many years, that baby will grow, and taking care of a teenager’s needs certainly requires more hot water. If a spa or soaking tub has been added, the demand for hot water will also increase.

The Unit Was Always Too Small or Too Big

Keeping water hot costs money, so having a water heater that’s too large for the home adds to the utility bill every month. Units that are too small won’t provide enough hot water to meet a large family’s needs. That’s especially true if several people are trying to take showers every morning. Contractors will review a home’s current use and determine whether or not it would make sense to consider a larger or smaller water heater.

Consider a Different Type of Water Heater

While traditional tank-type water heaters still dominate the area market, Water Heater Installation in Old Bridge NJ options have expanded. Today, many homeowners are exploring on-demand, or tankless, water heaters as viable options. Those heaters are available in different size and fuel types to meet the needs of New Jersey area homeowners. Hybrid water heaters are also playing a more important role in the industry. They are another option plumbing experts may recommend when homeowners replace existing water heaters. Both on-demand and hybrid water heaters are more expensive to install initially than older, tank-type units, but cost less to operate, meaning their overall cost of ownership is often lower than traditional units.

When considering a new Water Heater Installation in Old Bridge NJ, explore all your options carefully. Visit for more advice or to schedule an appointment.

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