Considering Different Options for Multiple Tooth Replacement in Indianapolis, IN

Losing several teeth as the result of a dental problem or an accident can be devastating. The sight of the gap does nothing to bolster the ego and may even cause the patient to avoid certain social situations. Fortunately, there are ways to take care of the problem and restore the smile. Here are some of the solutions for multiple tooth replacement in Indianapolis IN that the dentist is likely to recommend.

Choosing a Dental Bridge

One of the first options to consider is the installation of a dental bridge. The bridge is composed of artificial teeth that are bound together and fit snugly into the gap between the real teeth. To help anchor them in place, they are usually secured to the healthy teeth on each side. Since the bridge is constructed to look like the real thing, it is difficult for anyone to tell the difference.

Considering a Dental Partial

A dental partial is much like a bridge with one exception. The partial can be removed each night if the patient desires. Considered to be a form of dentures, partials are typically held in place with the use of some sort of dental adhesive. They can be taken out for cleaning with ease and reinserted each morning.

Thinking About Dental Implants

Another possible solution for Multiple Tooth Replacement in Indianapolis IN is to install dental implants. The implants effectively take the place of the now missing teeth by being sunk directly into the gum. That means most of each implant is occupying the space that once held the roots of those missing teeth. A cap is constructed for each implant that resembles a real tooth. Once the cap is in place and the work is completed, no one will be able to tell them from the real thing. Since this is a permanent solution, implants can be cleaned using the same basic methods as real teeth.

For anyone who is missing one or more teeth, contact the team at Moore-Berry Dentistry Inc. and arrange for a consultation. Depending on which teeth are missing and the general health of the patient, it will not take long to come up with the right solution and get to work.

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