Consult An SSD Attorney If A Disability Claim Is Denied

When one is hurt and cannot hold a job because of a disability, Social Security disability insurance provides them with money for daily expenses. Many believe that SSDI payments are guaranteed, but there are reasons for denial. In this article, potential clients of an SSD attorney can learn why one may be prohibited from receiving SSDI payments.

Can Those Who Make Too Much Be Denied?

This is the primary reason for most claim denials. The SSA (Social Security Administration) requires that a person make less than the SGA (substantial gainful activity) limit when applying, which for 2015 was $1090 per month; most people that make more have a claim denied. Those who have had their claims denied may want to speak to an SSD attorney.

Can a Person’s Injury or Work History Keep Them from Receiving Benefits?

In some instances, if the person has an insufficient work history, their SSDI claim can be denied. To be eligible for the benefit, the SSA has to believe that their injury is significant enough to keep them from working for a full year. If the SSA thinks that the person can still hold a job, their claim may be denied.

Do Criminal Convictions Affect Benefit Eligibility?

In some cases, an applicant can be barred from receiving benefits if convicted of a crime connected to the disability, or if the injury occurred during incarceration. For instance, a person hurt during the commission of a felony will face claim denial.

Other Reasons for Claim Denial

There are other reasons for SSDI claim denial, such as:

  • The claimant cannot be located by the SSA because of an outdated address
  • The claimant refuses to cooperate or follow prescribed therapy
  • The disability is due to an addiction
  • The claimant was found guilty of fraud

Can an Attorney Help a Claimant Challenge a Benefit Denial?

If a person’s SSDI application is denied, they are entitled to an appeal. An attorney can explain why the claim was denied, and they can help the claimant appeal the decision. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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