Create A Safer Environment with Liquid Borax

Starch glue is a very important substance that is used for a variety of purposes It is mainly used for bonding items that contain paper, cardboard, or corrugated material, so a few of the biggest applications for starch glue are in bookbinding and the production of corrugated packing boxes. There are several different additives you can put in starch glue while you are making it and each of them gives some quality that enhances the performance of the adhesive and makes it more suitable for specific purposes. One additive that has been frequently used is Borax. The only problem with this is that when you add Borax into starch glue and begin mixing it in, it creates a fair amount of dust particles in the air. If Borax particles are breathed in, it can cause respiratory problems, not to mention skin irritation. Fortunately, a solution has been formulated for this problem – liquid borax.

Why Is Liquid Borax Used in Starch Glue?

Borax is a very special chemical boron compound. Its technical name is sodium tetraborate. Borax has been used for thousands of years for various purposes and even today it is one of the most versatile substances out there. It is often used for cleaning, but another frequent application for it is in starch adhesives. When Borax is added to starch adhesives, it changes the starch molecules dramatically. It negatively charges the boron starch complexes while crosslinking the starch and Borax molecules. This increases the viscosity of the adhesive, meaning it has a better consistency. It also enhances the overall cohesiveness of the adhesive and provides better tack property. Liquid Borax is even more advantageous, because it improves the overall process of bonding the Borax with the starches, making an even better glue.

Liquid Borax Versus Granular Borax

Even though Borax is an extremely helpful substance, it is still potentially dangerous to health. If it is ingested, it can cause damage to the bowels, liver, kidney, and brain. Prolonged exposure to the skin will result in painful irritation and you definitely don’t want to breathe in borax particles, because it will give you respiratory problems. If you need to add Borax into starch glue, then you should know that it is highly likely that the Borax particles will fly into the air and linger. Using liquid Borax not only gives you a better glue, but it also helps to keep you and those around you safe because it eliminates the risk of accidentally ingesting the dust.

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