Deciding on Halls Rental in Omaha NE

You have several great options in Halls Rental in Omaha NE for a wedding reception, a business function or a social event. The Tip Top Ballroom is located just north of downtown and is perfect for larger events such as big wedding receptions or major fundraisers. The Georgetowne Club offers upscale elegance with grand fireplaces and plenty of parking as well. The Thompson Center has beautiful grounds and elegant outdoor spaces. This would be the best place to have your outdoor dream wedding or a corporate picnic in the summer. The Livestock Ballroom offers historic beauty and two choices of grand ballrooms, each with 22 foot ceilings and Romanesque Revival style decor. Any of these options would provide the space and amenities you could want for many different occasions and events.

When you get a lot of people together for an event, you usually have to feed them. Whether it is a training seminar, a wedding reception, a fundraiser or any type of social event, you need food in some capacity. If it is a half day training, you may be able to get away with a coffee break type of choice. If it is a reception or an all day corporate gathering, you will need to provide a meal. What you need is a cater that has many options from which to choose that will suit your needs and stay within your budget. Several of the Halls Rental in Omaha NE already have a caterer that can help you plan your event with options from snacks to buffets to plated dinners.

Contact Brandeis Catering if you are utilizing the above mentioned halls and let them help you plan your wedding and reception, your fundraiser or your corporate event. Businesses have used them to plan and cater Board meetings, training sessions, picnics and retirement parties. Food includes breakfast, lunch and dinner in buffet style of plated meals. Hors d’oeuvres packages, breaks and snacks, vegetarian and “Taste of Nations’ options are also available. Professional wait staff and cloth table ware is always included. You have many choices, so consider all your options carefully to be sure you get what you want at a price you want.

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