Dental Crowns: Wondering If You Need One?

Do you need dental crowns?
A crown helps restore the appearance of your teeth. If you’ve got severely discolored tooth or one that’s been deformed over time, then looking for a dentist to put in a tooth crown in Philadelphia is an excellent decision. Also, if the stains on your teeth aren’t disappearing no matter how many times you brush your teeth using teeth whitening products, then it’s past time you asked your dentist about getting dental crowns. Other reasons to get a crown is to protect damaged or weakened tooth. It’s also used to fill up large cavities in your teeth, says Medium.

What to know?
Getting a crown necessitates more than one visit to the dentist. First, an impression of your teeth must be made. Your teeth must also be prepared for the crown. In some cases, the prep time is used to reshape your tooth. Once that’s done, you’ll return for your second visit wherein the real crown is cemented in.

What other uses?
Before you get a tooth crown in Philadelphia, make sure you’re a good candidate for it. Aside from severely stained teeth or discolored teeth, there are plenty of other reasons to go for a dental crown. If you have a tooth with a large cavity, then you’ll want to protect it against infection and abscess by putting in a crown to seal the cavity. Also, if you just had root canal therapy, then putting in a crown is the next step on your list.

Where to get help?
Look for an experienced dentist to help you. Someone with a good reputation for service and results as well as demonstrates easy rapport with patients and is easy to talk to should make a good choice. Consult with a dentist to know what your options are as soon as possible.

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