Dental Implants in Charlotte -What You Must Know

Dental Implants in Charlotte have become the preferred choice of many dentists when it comes to treating missing or failing teeth, as the implant directly connects to the patient’s jaw bone. When a person loses a tooth, they will also suffer from bone loss over a period of time, as a tooth root stimulates and stabilizes the bone. When the root is removed, this no longer takes place and the bone deteriorates. With the use of titanium in a dental implant, this process once again takes place, as titanium biochemically joins with human bone.

Bone loss isn’t the only concern when you lose one or more teeth. Teeth in the immediate area of the missing or failing one may shift, which can lead to bite problems. In addition, facial structures, including the jaw joints, skin, and muscles, can be impacted by a lost or failing tooth, and those with several missing teeth may have problems taking in the foods needed for proper nutrition. This doesn’t even take into account the impact missing or failing teeth have on one’s appearance and social life.

Many assume they may walk into the dentist office and walk out the same day with a gorgeous new smile. This isn’t the case for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the dentist may have to complete a bone graft, to ensure you have enough bone for the implant to fuse with. In addition, once the implant has been put into place, time is needed for it to adhere and create the healthy fusion. The crown cannot be attached until the fusion process is finished. For this reason, expect the entire process to take weeks or months. The dentist handling the procedure can provide a better estimate.

If you wish to learn more about Dental Implants Charlotte and how they may be of benefit to you, browse around this website. Many are finding a dental implant is exactly what they need to have a gorgeous smile once again. If you are still unsure of whether or not you should go this route, don’t hesitate to sit down with a cosmetic dentist today. Thanks to advances in technology, the dentist will be able to offer multiple solutions, all designed to help you obtain the smile you desire.

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