Dental Implants Or Dentures In Jacksonville Beach

It is not uncommon for patients that go into see their dentists and ask for dentures in Jacksonville Beach to find out that they have several different options to consider. In fact, even with dentures there are now implant dentures, which allow you to have all the benefits of a full set of teeth but the security and ease of care with having implants.

For many people cost is a big reason to consider dentures in Jacksonville Beach above the other options. Today’s dentures are now even more natural looking than ever and, when fitted properly, they are a great way to address issues with missing teeth and give yourself back your confidence, smile and ability to enjoy all the foods that you love.

The Speed of Dentures
Depending on the number of teeth that may need to be removed or the condition of your gums getting dentures in Jacksonville Beach area can be a very fast procedure. If you are having teeth removed for the dentures you will have to wait until the swelling has subsided before the dentures can be properly fitted.

If you are replacing existing dentures in Jacksonville Beach then the process is really determined by the amount of time it takes the replacement set to be individually made. For many patients this may be less than two weeks and for some much faster depending on when the latest molds were made and if there are any changes to your gums.

Getting Used to Dentures
For many people choosing dentures in Jacksonville Beach if this is their first time with dentures simply using the standard denture is the best option. You can remove the dentures as needed and they can be finely adjusted to be very comfortable to wear. They can be left out at night, they are easier to clean, and there is no risk of any complications from the surgical implanting of the posts as with denture implants.

Before investing in the additional cost and procedures required for dental implants wearing dentures in Jacksonville Beach can be an important step. Often when patients only need the top denture and they are well designed and fitted there is no need for implants at all as they will be naturally very secure and comfortable to wear.

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