Dentists in St Peter MN can Use Dental Veneers to Correct Severely Stained Teeth

Many times when a person has severe stains or discolorations on his or her teeth it may be caused by more serious issues than the food or beverages they consume. In some cases, these issues can be due to medications, illnesses or hereditary factors. Unfortunately, if these issues are the cause of a person’s discolored teeth typical teeth whitening treatments may be ineffective. To correct these types of issues Dentists in St Peter MN may need to use other treatment options, such ad porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers can be a good way to correct this type of problem. Rather than trying to remove the stains or discolored areas, Dentists in St Peter MN will use a veneer to cover over it. This can often be very effective. Since a veneer is designed like a very thin shell, it can cover all areas of the enamel with stains.

Most veneers are made of a translucent porcelain material in a shade to match the patient’s natural teeth. This allows them to blend in with the patient’s other teeth, so they look natural. In most cases, it is very difficult for others to distinguish a veneer from the patient’s natural teeth.

Dentists in St Peter MN will need to evaluate the condition of the teeth with the staining issues. He or she will need to determine if the tooth is healthy before a veneer is considered. If a tooth has other issues, the dentist may recommend another type of treatment instead. Once the dentist has determined if veneers are a good option, the process can begin quite quickly.

A dentist will first need to remove a thin layer of enamel from the teeth to have veneers. This makes it possible for the veneers to fit on the teeth in a smooth manner. Once this adjustment has been completed, the dentist will create impressions of the patient’s teeth.

The impressions are sent to a lab where the veneers will be created from porcelain. This can take a few weeks depending on the lab and their schedule. Once the veneers are finished, the dentist will need to spend some time adjusting the veneers before he or she can affix them to the teeth with dental cement.
Anyone who has severe staining may want to consider seeing Dentists in St Peter MN about dental veneers.

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