Dependable Heating Oil in Clinton

It’s not fun to run out of heating oil in the middle of winter. Even the most conscientious homeowner and heating oil company may miscalculate how much is needed over the next month or so. Also, how about the major winter storm and the roads have not been cleared. To avoid such mishaps, clients should work with a company that offers computerized generated “degree-day” system which forecasts a delivery automatically. East River Energy uses the latest technology to track how much oil is being used daily. We can monitor your usage the heat and hot water and set up a convenient schedule for home delivery.

Heating Oil in Clinton advises it’s clients to plan ahead. East River Energy has had a lot of experience with servicing clients in extreme weather. Which is why they have developed a plan to be sure their customers don’t get left out in the cold! Their “Will Call Service” helps customers monitor their tank by checking tank gauge daily. When the gauge reads to 25 percent, place an order for at least 48 hours in advance. Thereby a two-day window allows enough time to be sure the tank doesn’t run out of oil. An alternative service is an automatic delivery. Some customers like to sign up for a computerized system. Deliveries are calculated and scheduled automatically. The amount of heating oil used is monitored for oil usage as well as the hot water.

Going Green

It an effort to help the environment, East River Energy offers a heating oil product called “Bioheat.” BioHeat is a renewable fuel that contains biodiesel which is made up from recyclable organic products and soybeans. It burns cleaner and reduces sludge that can build up over time. Also, it acts as a lubricant and a solvent, thereby reducing the amount of maintenance on a furnace.

Bioheat is a reliable alternative to conventional heating oil. Renewable oil heating products have been used in many European markets for many years. Special furnaces or equipment is not required for bioheat oil. Bioheat fuel is made up from fatty acids in soy and other vegetable oils and recycled restaurant oils. In addition to being energy efficient, the natural fuel is nontoxic and biodegradable. It does not pollute the air and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

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