Detect Blockages Inside Your Klargester in Horsham with CCTV Surveys

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Did you know that most sewage system blockages can be avoided with proper waste disposal? Many people are guilty of disposing of food, oil and fat down the sink, and ear buds and cotton wool down the toilet. Over time, these things can build up inside the pipes and put a stop to water flow. As waste accumulates, water will settle on the top. Unless the obstruction is removed, you could be dealing with flooding and unpleasant smells, so why not arrange for the inspection of Klargester in Horsham?

What are CCTV Surveys?

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money unblocking and maintaining klargester in Horsham, CCTV surveys will be a worthwhile choice. Why, you ask? Well, the job can be completed quickly and a full detailed report can be issued by the professional doing the task, so you have the control of deciding what action(s) you wish to take next. Aside from detecting blockages, these surveys can be relied on to assess the condition of pipes so that should any deterioration be present, you can arrange for replacements before the issue worsens.

What Equipment is Used?

Included in the price of a CCTV survey will be a drainage survey condition report, a plan for necessary drainage works, and footage of the survey. Usually, this footage will be provided on a data stick or DVD so that should you be uncertain about the type of work you want completed, you can look back in detail and make an informed decision. Drain cameras will be designed to work in low-light conditions, and will be waterproof. A specific camera will be selected for the job, whether it’s an inspection of municipal collection systems or indoor drain lines. Once the images have been generated they will be fed to a mobile van unit, where a technician will be looking at the inner surface of pipes.

Profiler Software

As if the live images don’t give the technician enough information about the pipe’s condition, special software will be used to create a digital pipe profile. This information can be recorded onto a DVD or saved to a USB stick for computer viewing. It will feature analysis and accurate reporting, as well as images of the pipe flattened and split in half.

If your sewage system is Klargester in Horsham and needs replacing or repairing, consider working with Flowrite Drainage Services Ltd. Visit them online to find out what makes them an environmentally friendly company.

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