Different Types of Handguns in Amarillo TX to Consider Purchasing

If you have made the decision to purchase Handguns in Amarillo TX, one question that you have will likely be what type you should purchase. The answer to this question will be dependent on what you plan to do with it. The two primary selections of handguns available for civilian purchase: revolvers and semi-automatics.


If you have ever seen an old western move, you know what a revolver is. Its name is derived from the cylinder block, which is responsible for holding the cartridges and that revolves each time it is shot. The primary advantage of purchasing a revolver is the fact that it contains fewer moving parts, when compared to the semi-auto. Other benefits include:

*  A more reliable gun.

*  They have more lax requirements for care and storage.

*  They are safer and easier for a new shooter to learn to shoot.

However, there are some disadvantages to the revolver, as well, which includes: they have a limited capacity; and they can be bulky, which makes them a bad choice for concealed carry.


The semi-automatic pistol started to gain popularity over a century ago, when the FN Herstal company released the infamous Browning pistol. The semi-automatic handgun has a magazine that is filled up with rounds that are typically kept in the handle of the gun. After each shot is made, the actual force of the gun’s recoil is what will moves the top portion, which is called the slide back, which throws out the case that was used and picks up an entirely new round when it comes back. The advantages of the semi-auto include:

*  Features a high capacity.

*  Offers a light and compact design.

However, the downside is the fact that these guns are not as reliable and less accurate than the revolver.

When it comes to determining which handguns in Amarillo TX you should purchase, it can be determined by the following guidelines: if you are a new shooter, go with a revolver; if you want to hunt with it choose a large revolver; if you plan to keep the gun concealed regularly then choose a semi-automatic. These basic guidelines will help you get started in your search for the perfect handgun.

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