Direct Cremation in Carmel, IN Saves Money and Protects the Environment

Families have to make many decisions when a loved one dies. For some of them, this can be a difficult and contentious process. Many people pre-plan their funerals or memorial services to avoid these problems. Direct Cremation in Carmel IN, is an option some of them choose. They like the fact cremation saves land and it is less expensive than traditional burials. If a person has determined they want a direct cremation, their body will be transported directly to the crematory from their place of death. It doesn’t matter whether they die in a hospital or at home. The body may briefly stop at a funeral home in order for the family to obtain a death certificate and cremation permit.

Direct Cremation in Carmel IN, is cheaper because there is no viewing. The family doesn’t have to pay for the funeral home, casket, embalming, makeup or hair styling. After the body has been cremated, the cremains are placed in a cardboard box or an urn provided by the family. Some people like cremation because the family can take the ashes with them as they move. Other people prefer to scatter the ashes in the ocean or at a favorite location of the deceased. However, they can also choose to place the ashes in a permanent location.

Cemeteries are now providing dedicated locations for cremains. There are in-ground locations available. These are less expensive than traditional gravesites because they are smaller. Family members and friends can visit the grave and pay their respects. The area is as peaceful and beautiful as the rest of the cemetery. Wall crypts are also available for cremains. New Crown Cemetery is one of the cemeteries that now provide these options. People who would like to know more about them can visit

Even though the deceased chose direct cremation without a viewing, that doesn’t mean the family can’t hold a memorial service after the cremation. They can choose to have a formal service in a church or an informal gathering at a favorite pub. It’s only important that the memorial service reflect the life and values of the deceased. If the deceased pre-planned their funeral, they could even make arrangements for their post-cremation memorial service as well. You can also visit their Facebook page for more information.



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