Do Billboard Advertisements Work?

A common complaint/joke about billboards is that they don’t work. How effective can they be, really? Typically, we’re lucky if we remember a billboard for so much as two seconds after seeing it. If you’re considering billboard advertising in Oklahoma, these questions have likely crossed your mind. However, there are reasons billboards keep being used, which will be listed below.

#1. You have a captive audience

The average American citizen will spend up to 20 hours in their car per week. Depending on the commute to school or work, that average American will spend more time in their car than watching television, working on the computer, and other activities. This is a very willing captive audience, which you can take advantage of. Even though they will mostly forget your billboard, they will see it, and often if your billboard is on their usual path. You’re ad is now in their heads, which may as well be a success.

#2. The statistics don’t lie

Around 71% of Americans hear about events or companies that they became interested in through billboard advertising. On no uncertain terms, that proves that billboards are having some kind of effect on the populace, and that people still internalize the information they absorb from them. The same goes for television and radio programs being tuned into by at least 56% more because a billboard told them about it.

#3. Technology improves their chances

LED billboards have extended the lifespan of the billboard advertising model by several decades. They’re quicker to make, cost more upfront, but almost always make that money back in spades, and the looping images means that several companies (up to 8) can have their ads roll on the same billboard at once. Technology is keeping the roadside advertisement alive and well.

#4. A clever ad can overcome anything

A good enough ad will always draw people in, as that is their main function. But a really good ad, the one that goes in history, is one that the public cannot help but notice, and gets the audience so interested in the product, that they have no choice but to seek more. First and foremost, always focus on making an effective ad.

It’s hard to say what will become of the billboard in the years to come. But right now, in 2017, it is still a quite effective means of advertising.

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