Do You Have Hard Water at Home?

You just moved to a new home. Wondering why the water tastes different? You may have hard water at your new property. Read on to know if you need to install water softening systems right away.

You have scale buildup in your appliances

Do you often have mineral deposits at the bottom of your tea kettles, coffee pots, thermos and more? Then that buildup is also in your pipes, which could be why you have high water bills. If it’s starting to clog your plumbing system, then it’s time to install a water treatment system to prevent further damage.

Your skin is dry

While it’s normal to have naturally dry skin, if that wasn’t a problem before, then check the quality of your water. Hard water can cause dryness in your skin and hair. That’s because of the extra calcium and magnesium salts in the water. Hard water also blocks your pores and can lead to inflammation and black heads. If you’re starting to experience a ton of hair and skin problems, it may be time to look through water softening systems and pick one for your home.

Your plumbing is shot

Mineral deposits make it harder for the water to pass through your plumbing system. The bigger the buildup of limescale, though, the greater the damage. You could end up with leaky pipes and water that’s going to considerably shorten the lifespan of your home appliances, the Huffington Post says. If that happens, then you need to start looking for a water treatment system to fix the problem.

Your water bills are high

Limescale buildup puts a strain on your pipes and forces your plumbing system to work harder to get the water through the system. That’s going to result in high water bills. Start shopping for a water softening product to prevent further buildup in your pipes.

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