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Which sport is your favorite? If you live in the U.S., chances are your favorite sport, or at least one of your favorite sports is football. Another popular American sport is basketball. The NFL Super Bowl and NBA play off seasons rake in billions of dollars every year and provide hours of entertainment for people. But it turns out America’s two favorite sports are also the favorite of injuries. Basketball has the most injuries sustained, while football follows close behind.

Sports-Related Injuries

Whether you play basketball or football, chances are you’ve been injured at least once. If you play sports in general, it doesn’t matter which way you kick or swing, you’e prone to sports-related injuries all the same. Injuries sustained during sports can make for a bad situation, not just because of the pain, but because most major sports players are either training or playing on the field or court during the accident. Depending on the injury, it takes anywhere between a few weeks or even months of time off on the sidelines to fully recover, and time is not on your side. Although you can’t rush a healing bone, you can visit a chiropractic sports clinic to expedite the process somewhat.


A chiropractor is a health care professional who’s trained to prevent and relieve muscular disorders, most of the time by manually adjusting bones in and around the spine. Visiting a team of chiropractors can help get you back into the swing of using your injured bones, and is becoming a mainstream form of treatment. Many find that visiting a professional for remediation of some of the pain helps more than taking pain killers. If you’ve been injured during sports, visiting a professional at a sports clinic in Lincoln Park may help you get back into the sport you love sooner.

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