Do You Need Antique Rug Repair in New York City?

Antique rugs tend to have a distinctive, elegant beauty. Yet over time, wear and damage may take a toll on the rugs. Master craftsmen can provide antique rug repair in New York City to restore rugs to their original appearance.

Why Repair Antique Rugs?

Each antique rug is unique, an artistic masterpiece that has likely been treasured for many years. The colors and designs are captivating to all who see them. This is more than enough reason for people to want to have their antique rugs repaired. They want to see the authentic, original loveliness of the rugs once again. If a rug was inherited from a relative, perhaps they remember it from their childhood, or want to view it in all its color for the first time. With some rugs, their highest value may be sentimental, due to who owned them and the memories associated with them. Antique rugs may have intrinsic value as well, meaning that restoring them is a good investment.

What Repairs Can Be Done?

Most wear and damage that rugs have sustained over the years can be fixed. The vivid colors may have faded, either for the entire surface of the rug or on certain parts of it. Holes come in many forms, from a puncture to a tear, often caused by a sharp or heavy object that came into contact with the rug. Water damage is fairly common, due to spills or other exposure to moisture. Some pests can cause harm to rugs as well, including moths. Another common problem is the edges of the rug fraying in some areas. Thankfully, all of these issues and others can generally be repaired.

How Are Repairs Made?

Not just anyone can restore an antique rug. It takes the skills of experienced craftsmen who have the knowledge and attention to detail that are required to handle such a delicate task. New wool can be woven into the rug if necessary. It will be carefully chosen to match the rug, so that no one will be able to see the difference between the old and the new. Soon the rug will look great again.

To restore the full beauty of worn or damaged rugs, choose antique rug repair in New York City. Get more information about antique rug repair here.

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