Do You Need or Your Child Need Gum Disease Treatments in Wichita, KS?

Gum disease often goes undiagnosed. This is especially true for individuals that aren’t making regular appointments to see their dentist. Both children and adults can be affected, so it is important that kids see a dentist at Wichita Pediatric Dentistry at least twice a year. Here are a few signs that might mean it is time to schedule some Gum Disease Treatments in Wichita KS.

Bleeding, Puffy Gums

Brushing teeth should be an important part of every person’s routine. While flossing is just as important, it often gets overlooked and neglected. Either way, after brushing or flossing, if the gums are starting to bleed, this could be a sign that a person is dealing with gum disease. Aside from bleeding, if the gums are looking puffy, red or even irritated, there is a chance something is wrong. Some individuals actually begin to notice that their gums are a little more tender than usual. In these situations, gums sometimes move away from the teeth.

Misaligned or Loose Teeth

While children lose teeth as they grow, it is important to protect the permanent teeth. If permanent teeth are moving around, gum disease could be the culprit. Because the teeth are moving, people often begin to notice that their teeth are misaligned and not fitting together as well as they did in the past. Adults with removable dentures may begin to notice that the dentures aren’t fitting into the mouth as easily as they should.

Consistent or Bad Breath

Bad breath often causes a person to be very self-conscious. While this could be the results of not brushing, flossing or using mouthwash enough, it could also be a sign that Gum Disease Treatments in Wichita KS are shorter. Even if bad breath isn’t especially noticeable to others, it could be that a person constantly notices a bad taste in his or her mouth.

If you or your child is experiencing any one of these symptoms, it is time to set up an appointment with a dentist. During the checkup, mention some of the concerns and find out what type of treatments are available.

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