Don’t Leave Your Livelihood in a Bad Neighborhood

The odds are that if you have a business website, you started out on shared hosting. Shared hosting is one of the most popular ways to launch a small business website. However, there are many issues with shared hosting, and some of them could even be your neighbors. You see, in shared hosting, it’s a lot like living in an apartment building. Tenants don’t have any say in who their neighbors are, they just pay the monthly rent and hope that none of them are too bad. You can put up with little loud music now and then if you’re getting your sleep, and able to go about your day-to-day life.

But when one rotten apple moves into the neighborhood, it can disrupt everything.

For instance, your website could be sharing a server with some very unsavory characters. These include malware farms, phishing sites, and other internet unsavory – to the tune of 1% of all Internet sites being infected. On the other hand, you could also be sharing space with sites that have a high amount of traffic. That’s not too bad until it starts cutting into your allocated resources. Hosting servers typically do not have much room to allow for growth, and if you exceed your allocated bandwidth, it can you write in the wallet.

Get Dedicated!

And SQL dedicated server offers businesses the room and bandwidth that they need to grow, and the flexibility to scale up or scale down as needed. Working with an experienced and respected hosting service means that your SQL dedicated server will get the latest operating systems, up-to-the-minute security, backups, firewall, and around-the-clock monitoring. Where having a dedicated server used to just be for people with deep pockets, small and medium-size businesses, even e-commerce businesses can afford the extra security, speed, and confidence that using an SQL dedicated server brings. Speak with a trusted professional today for a quote.

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