Don’t Make These Mistakes When Hiring An Alcohol Carrier

As a company that produces any beer, wine, cider, spirits or other types of alcoholic beverages, finding a carrier to ship your products to distributors, retailers or even organizations for special events will need to be a priority.

Often when small craft breweries, wineries or distilleries gets started, local delivery companies are a good option. However, as the volume of the shipments increases and the delivery routes get longer, using local services is not longer practical or cost effective.

At this point, it will be necessary to turn to a specialized alcohol carrier. This is a trucking company or logistics provider that specializes in transporting alcohol as well as other types of freight. Unfortunately, too many businesses fail to look for a specialized carrier and end up with problems, damaged products, and unsatisfied customers. Here are some of the common issues or mistakes that will occur when general trucking companies are selected.

Incorrect Temperature Control

One of the most important factors for any alcohol carrier throughout the United States or international shipments from the USA is to ensure the correct temperature control. This is particularly true when shipping wine, but it can also cause problems with any alcohol, particularly with very hot or with below freezing temperatures.

Not Understanding Legal Requirements

An alcohol carrier has different regulations to follow through each state. Failure to follow these regulations or simply not knowing the regulations can result in the entire shipment being seized or delays in delivery.

By using a logistics company to book the freight company for shipments of alcohol, vetting will be completed with the trucking company to ensure full licensing and transportation requirements are met by the company selected.

It will also be very important to work with a freight company that has an outstanding record of on-time delivery. Again, this is where a logistics company can be helpful as they will have personal experience in working with the specialized freight company selected as your carrier.

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