Don’t Worry if Your Baby Has Constipation

Your baby and constipation can be a barrier to happy times with your little one, and unfortunately there are several misconceptions about constipation and its significance when babies are involved. That is why every mother should know the important basics about the troubles of pooping. True constipation occurs when the stool in the baby’s intestine is dry and hard and causes significant discomfort and difficulty when being eliminated from the body. It is important to remember there is no normal when it comes to the schedule or to the number of bowel movements. What is important is to understand what is normal for your child. Your baby’s bowel movements will be based on their level of activity, how much they drink and eat as well as how their little body works to process waste products. If you are having a hard time dealing with your baby and constipation, there is no need to worry. Just go online and do a search for a medical group that offers services in helping you find the best pediatrician in Carlsbad.

Listen to an Experienced Pediatrician

When you take your baby to visit a pediatrician listen to what they have to say. These types of doctors are experienced and have the proper knowledge when it comes to babies. You may even consider asking a pediatrician about switching to a different formula. A pediatrician might suggest that you add a little syrup to the formula to help with the constipation or massaging the tummy for some constipation relief. Increasing your baby’s overall intake of fluids or reducing the intake of constipating foods such as bananas and rice can help. If your baby has an extreme case a pediatrician might use a glycerin suppository to help stimulate the rectum and help the stool to move through. Although it can be a normal thing that happens in babies, it is always better to ask for advice and have your baby checked by an experienced pediatrician when you first notice issues of constipation.

Good Pediatricians in Your Neighborhood

By choosing Children’s Primary Care Medical Group services, you will be able to find the best pediatrician in your neighborhood. It is simple and easy; all you have to do is search by location and the distance on how far you are willing to drive. The pediatricians listed are experienced, reliable and are ready to help you and your baby. For more information in regards to the best pediatrician visit the website today!

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