Double Braid Polyester Rope In Marine Use: Tensile Strength and Durability

Finding the right rope to perform correctly is not always easy. Manufacturers have produced diverse types of rope to handle certain environments and types of tasks. Each type has its capabilities. No single type is suitable of addressing the demands and requirements of all tasks. One of the more common types of rope currently available is double braid polyester rope.

What Is Braided Rope?

A braided rope is generally a smooth and round rope. The process of creating the braid produces a rope that will not twist or be spliced. The resultant shape is perfectly adapted to use in situations involving high friction e.g. pulleys and winches.

Braided rope comes in several types – usually based on the type of braid. They are categorized in this manner as:

  • Solid braid ropes: The more complex braid that frequently features a filler core. Characterizations include high elongation but less strength than other varieties of braided rope do
  • Diamond braids: In creating this type of braided rope, the fibers are rotated in a specific pattern. A filler core is common. This type has moderate strength
  • Double braided rope: This is the strongest of the type of braided rope. The process of formation involves the placing a braid over another braid a type of rope within a rope

Yet, more than the braiding is responsible for the characteristics of the rope. It is also the material including polyester. A double braid polyester rope is one favored by the marine industry for several reasons.

Why Choose Polyester?

Polyester, sometimes trade marked as Dacron, Terylene or Trevira, once most commonly employed as a clothing fabric, is now a component in a very popular marine rope. The reasons are several. Polyester properties include the following:

  • Ultra-low stretch capabilities – usually amplified by a pre-stretch process
  • Highly durable
  • Extremely strong
  • Pliable regardless of the temperature
  • Has a high melting point
  • Non Shrinking when it gets wet
  • Retains its strength when wet
  • Extraordinary abrasion resistance
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Nonconductive to electricity

Moreover, the cost of polyester can make it affordable. It will depend upon the manufacturer and the strength. Double braid polyester in rope form is more expensive.

Marine Applications of Double Braid Polyester Rope

Polyester is a favorite among those who sail or boat. It is widely employed for boat lines, anchor ropes and sailboat riggings e.g. halyards and sheets. It is not, however, useful as dock line or towline. Polyester double braid rope is also good for winches, capstans and block and tackles. Overall, when it comes to specific marine applications, you cannot go wrong by choosing double braid polyester rope.

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