Drainage Systems In Natick MA Can Keep A Building Dry

A damp basement in a home or business can cause serious health problems for the occupants inside. In addition, it can destroy the structural integrity of a building. There is a variety of drainage systems in Natick MA that can eliminate cracks in the wall, and remove water to another location. The installation of internal French drains, a sump pump, and a waterproof membrane can be installed in a basement to eliminate the water. Crawl spaces are just as important to a building’s structural integrity and should also be waterproof. A reputable company will provide upfront pricing and a lifetime transferable warranty on the work that’s performed.

Sump Pump System

A sump pump can be installed in a basement to remove water from a drainage system that is installed. This water will travel to a sewer line or another location that is away from a home. A high water alarm can be installed in the event of failure or power outage with a battery-powered backup.

Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks in a foundation or floor can allow water and gases to enter a home or business. Flexible resins can be injected into a crack and seal pores in concrete. This type of work is guaranteed for as long as someone owns their home and will won’t pull apart because of foundation shifts or freeze and thaw cycles.

Foundation Wall Wrap

Foundation wall wrap should be used as part of Drainage Systems in Natick MA. It can stop moisture penetration, seal out vapors, and is tear resistant. It’s made of reinforced heavy duty material and has a lifetime warranty.

Moisture Control

Dampness in a basement can occur even during dry weather. When the moisture level in a basement increases, mold and mildew can build-up and a musty odor will develop. Moisture and dampness will accumulate on floors, doors and windows and cause a home to heat up slowly during the winter months.

If your home or business has a damp basement, it’s important to have it repaired as soon as possible. It can increase its value and reduce the chance of mold developing in the building. Browse our website to find out more information about all of our services.

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