Ear Mites: Choose a Veterinary Clinic in Oregon

Seeing pets scratch at their ears might not cause alarm for many owners. However, when they recognize that their pets have made a habit out of this practice, they should look into WestVet Oregon. Ear mites may not seem like a big problem, but they can actually cause serious issues. These mites are little bugs that make their homes in their ears of pets. When they do so, they can cause a great deal of itching. The pets may spend much of their time scratching at their ears and shaking their heads trying to get these bugs out.

Choosing the services of westvet.net helps owners to determine if ear mites are the cause or another issue is present. Knowing whether pets have ear mites or a different medical problem is necessary so that the right form of treatment can be used. Some people choose at-home products before they visit the Veterinary Clinic in Oregon, but they do not necessarily know if these products are right. They may have misdiagnosed their pets’ conditions. When the mites are in the ears, they also leave their droppings. These droppings can pile up, causing, even more, problems for the pet. Such a state is also unsanitary, so owners are helping to keep their pets’ ears clean too by going to the vet.

Thinking about constant scratching allows owners to recognize that the ear mites could also lead to infections. The pets could end up with cuts in their ears that cause bleeding and that allow infections to fester. Some of these infections can prove quite serious, and they may travel through the pets’ bodies. In fact, the infections could grow so bad that they lead to the death of the pets. Scheduling an appointment at a Veterinary Clinic in Oregon allows owners to help their pets live longer and healthier lives. Not only do owners want to stop the mites this time, but they also want to prevent them from happening again in the future. Pet parents can speak to the vet about preventative techniques for the afflicted animals and for other pets that are living in their homes too.

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